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Standing after 6 matches (final score)

[21.01.2018 – 12:46]

1.ENGLAND7 points+1622:6
2.SWITZERLAND7 points+816:8
3.DENMARK3 points-416:20
4.SLOVAKIA0 points-209:29

Denmark – Switzerland 3:8 (0:3) – 21.01.18

[21.01.18 – 12:27]

Who wins this match, goes to the EC in Finland. For Switzerland even a draw would be enough. But the Swiss didn’t want to experiment and they were very focused and got in front with 3:0 in halftime. In second period Denmark scored for the 1:3, but Switzerland had the right answer immediately after that, 1:4. After the Danish coach has been expelled to the tribune, Switzerland scored to 1:7. That was the decision. Final score 3:8 – Switzerland is going to the EC with England – Congratulations!

Ajetaj (5), Stojakovic (2), Hoang, Krasnici, Tugan, Vasilescu
Gotfredsen, Rasmussen, Salim

England – Slovakia 14:0 (5:0) – 21.01.18

[21.01.2018 – 11:12]

Slovakia was handicaped because of three injured players. Instead of 12 they had 9 players, a tough initial position. And so England was favoured and they really pulled it through. 5:0 in halftime and even 14:0 at the end. England was faster, more aggressive and predominant. England has qualified for the EC in Tampere. Congratulations!

Clarke (3), Down (3), Atkinson (2), Philipp (2), Breeze, Holdsworth, Jarchlou, Manoochehri

Standing after 4 matches

[21.01.2018 – 11:12]

1.SWITZERLAND4 points+38:5
2.ENGLAND4 points+28:6
3.DENMARK3 points+113:12
4.SLOVAKIA0 points-69:15

Slovakia – Denmark 6:9 (4:4) – 20.01.18

[21.01.2018 – 11:12]

Wow – 15 goals! Both teams have lost their first match, so it was important to win this one. Denmark got in front first and they went with a 4:2 in halftime. But then it was Slovakia who pushed in second half. From 4:5 to 6:5 – but that was it. Denmark scored twice within 40 seconds and at the end it was a clear victory. Slovakia will end as 4th in this group whatsoever, even when they win tomorrow against England.

Shiripour (4), Salim (2), Bogsted, Gotfredsen
Zelnicky (3), Horniak (2), Dano

Switzerland – England 2:2 (0:1) – 20.01.18

[20.01.2018 – 18:35]

What a start for England – 0:1 after 50 seconds….. But then, nothing happened. Well, not nothing. It was an exciting match between two teams with a similar system. So it was 0:1 in half time.

And then again, a goal after a short while, 1:1 with a penalty (Starny Hoang). Both teams played on a high level and it was again England who got in front. There were 10 minutes left to play. 3 minutes before the end Switzerland brought a flying goalkeeper and actually….. 50 seconds before the end, Sejd Nitaj scored! What a suspense! Final score 2:2. Switzerland has 4 points and is playing tomorrow Denmark at 10.00am.

Hoang, Nitaj
Breeze, Clarke

DENMARK vs. ENGLAND 4:6 (1:2) – 20.01.18

[20.01.2018 – 14:17]

Also the second match was a tight one. Both teams had a strong defence and so it was 1:2 in halftime. After the break England got in front with 5:1 and 6:2, but still Denmark has not given up and they fighted back to 4:6. However that was it, England won deserved.

Jarchlou (2), Atkinson, Clarke, Jackson, Manoochehri
Bogsted, Gotfredsen, Salim, Shiripour

SWITZERLAND vs. SLOVAKIA 6:3 (3:3) – 20.01.18

[20.01.2018 – 12:25]

After 4 minutes, Switzerland got in front. But that was the wake-up call for Slovakia. 1:2 after 8 minutes. Until halftime (3:3) it was a tight match in which especially the Swiss missed several chances, even one 10m penalty. Albert Ajetaj scored three times for the Swiss!

In second half Switzerland was stronger and they got in front after 12 minutes. 90 seconds before the end Swiss Jean-Paul Fekete made all clear and only 20 seconds later Starny Hoang scored the final goal. All in all it was a close match with important three points for the home team.

Albert Ajetaj (3), Starny Hoang (2), Jean-Paul Fekete
Robert Zelnicky (2), Martin Bebjak

Team England

[20.01.18 – 08:30]

Good morning England!

We warmly welcome the team England and wish all football athletics good start in the game.

Team Switzerland

[19.01.18 – 21:10]

Our Team!

SGSV-FSSS say welcome our Futsal Team and wish them successful games tommorrow and Sunday in Fribourg. We want to go to Tampere (FIN).

Team Slovakia

[19.01.18 – 19:10]

Team Slovakia is in switzerland!

We warmly welcome the team Slovakia and wish them to recover from the journey and prepare for the matches on Tomorrow and Sunday in Fribourg.

Team Denmark

[18.01.18 – 21:35]

Team Denmark has already arrived in switzerland!

We warmly welcome the team Denmark and wish them to recover from the journey and prepare for the matches on Saturday and Sunday in Fribourg.