Strategy Guidelines 2012- 2016

The Swiss Deaf Sports Federation SGSV-FSSS is the holding organisation for deaf sports in Switzerland. It promotes popular sports, young talent, and high-performance sports for the deaf and hearing impaired.

The SGSV-FSSS has set the following strategic priorities for 2012-2016:

Youth  development

  • The next generation forms the basic framework for a functioning sports federation. High-performance and popular sports arise from this federation
  • Cooperation with schools, institutions and associations
  • A variety of sports offered
  • Promotion of participation in international competition


Objective: Improvement of 10-15 licensed membres per year who are up to 25 years old

Education and advanced training

  • Courses must be attractive and easy to use
  • By educating the coach/manager, the sports courses will improve in calibre and attractiveness

Objective: 15 participants in training courses per year


  • Check new partnerships regulary
  • Marketing will be expanded continuously

Objective: To conclude 1-3 sponsoring contracts per year

Public relations - PR

Contacts with the existing partners will be reinforced
Cooperation with federations and organisations
Media presence

Objective: To be present in various media forms of 5 sports federations per year