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The SGSV-FSSS is member of the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) and the European Deaf Sports Organization (EDSO). The principal federation of the SGSV-FSSS is PLUSPORT-handicapped sport Suisse.

At this time the SGSV-FSSS has 14 sport departments with 15 associations and 4 collective members. The executive committee has 5 members in an honorary capacity and is at the head of:

A secretary general 80%, an employee 50%, a leader for the department competitive sports / leader for the young generation 40% and a translator 55%. A competitive sports commission belongs also to the federation.

The SGSV-FSSS is a collective member of PLUSPORT Suisse. The subsidies for the training camps and courses will be transferred by PLUSPORT. The international competitions (Deaflympics, World championships, European championships and tournaments) are subsidized from Swiss Olympic. Nevertheless the SGSV-FSSS has to ask for some activities the PLUSPORT-handicapped sport Suisse.

The supreme authority within the handicapped sport in Switzerland is PLUSPORT-handicapped sport Suisse (principal federation). The SGSV-FSSS as federation hasn’t a direct contact with SPC, BSV and SOV, but only via PLUSPORT-handicapped sport Suisse.

The ICSD is the principal organ within the deaf sport. 64 international federations with more than 25 sports are affiliated to it.