The deaf sport

Pioneers founded in 1916 the deaf sports association Zurich. In 1930 the Swiss deaf sports federation was founded. It is therefore the oldest handicapped sport federation in Switzerland. From the beginning, the federation was divided into different departments. It aims the promotion of the deaf sport in Switzerland and the sporty and ethical physical training of the members. The SGSV-FSSS is responsible for the organization of courses and training camps. As by the hearing persons, the Summer Deaflympics of the deafs take place from 1924 on every 4 years. The Winter Deaflympics were organized for the first time in 1949. The European championships take also place every 4 years, the sports are organized individually.

European championships already organized in Switzerland:

Shooting and Handball in Zurich
1983     Tennis in Littau/LU
1985     Ski alpin and Ski nordic in Meiringen
1987     cross country in Colombier
1988     Bicycle in Volketswil
1995     Athletics in Lausanne
1996     Orienteering in St. Gallen
2002     Badminton in Basel
2006     Bowling in Muntelier
2007     Shooting in Geneva
2010     Futsal in Winterthur
2012     Ski Alpin in Davos
2014     Badminton in Genève

The SGSV-FSSS organized already 3 times world games (Deaflympics); in Montana-Vermala (1959), Adelboden (1971) and Davos (1999). Unfortunately, until today, Switzerland couldn’t organize any Summer Deaflympics. An organization would be much too expensive for Switzerland and not practicable.

Ski Alpin is the most successful department of our federation. We collected a lot of medals regarding to the world- and European championships.

Football is also a very imported department, but during the last years, the members strongly shrunk. For that reason many associations were not longer able to compose a team (11 players). This has led to the fact that tournaments and Swiss championships were organized with 5 players (futsal) on the field (hall).

The SGSV-FSSS has laid the focal point on the promotion and intensification of the youth- and school sport.