Importance of the deaf sport – why an independent sports organization?
    • Because of the communication problems, the deafs are excluded from many important sectors of the society. The cultural life is built up on hearing and speaking. That’s why the deafs are the only disabled group with an own language and culture. The unanimity of this community surmounts national borders and linguistic barriers

    • Because of the communication problems, the deafs can’t talk to other disabled persons and non-disabled persons

    • That’s the main reason why deafs are organizing the events independently and not together with PLUSPORT

    • In spite of the physical intactness, no equal opportunities exist for the deafs in competition with hearing persons, because the hearing injury influences the learning of movement forms. The acoustic impressions can give also information about the situation of a ground, the cut of a ball, the nearness of a player and so on

    • Sport activities in the community are solving the deafs from the isolation, give them joy of life and strengthens the self-confidence. The sport forms a complete help of life in every respect

    • The sport provides joy of life. The self-confidence and the independence will be strengthened by a sport activity

    • The integration of the deafs in the sport prevents the isolation. For that reason the sports promotion is very important. The deafs have their own culture and language and are able to make the contact with like-minded persons. Because of the injury, the deafs are restricted in regard to the communication towards the non-disabled persons. For that reason people should take part in our associations and sports departments. Common society and sport bring double fun